Dear Moby (The Bald Musician, Not The Whale)


Dear Moby:

Coming to you from a small house in the woods on an island.  I do hope this reaches you well. I’m starting a music festival on the West Puget Sound in Washington State and I’m writing to let you know about it, get your advice, and understand what it would take to have you attend.

Seven Sounds is a lifestyle festival and the plan is to make it the best experience for everyone. We are a few people who believe in treating people with dignity. We love music and hate crowds. We believe online social platforms aren’t actually social and suck our time and energy to show-up to actually social spaces that we need to survive as social animals. We want to connect with people doing what they love because it inspires us to do more of what we love too. We want not to be for the money but be for the heart. We scored the venue of a lifetime for a festival in our backyard.

There aren’t any major festivals on this side of the sound. The festivals I’ve been to, while the artist performances on stage tend to be transcendent, the whole of the experience has been crap. Basic, basic things.

We pay money we don’t have to wait in line for many hours to get through the gates while the performances are in progress because the security detail is understaffed. Water is expensive even although hydration is a thing humans fundamentally need. Porta potties are gross and even if you may avoid using them, you’re not likely to avoid smelling them.

My thought is that this life is too short for crappy/expensive experiences. Why suffer? It takes very little to make events extraordinary and people need real connection now more than ever before.

I attended your festival Area:0ne in 2001, I bought the shirt and the albums, and I’m still talking about it. The live performances exceeded my expectations and excited me to create events that bring people together like your music and aesthetic does. Collaborating with other artists to create works entirely new and speaking out about what you believe in resonates with me especially too. Tell me more. 🙂

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to making something super for everyone and I appreciate any advice or participation you may provide to the process.



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