Without music, life would be a mistake


…the words of Friedrich Nietzsche. I imagine he used these words to point us toward the exponential growth quality of music to move us in a spectacular way and to ignite us in prioritizing music as a way of life. To be with music, to stand accepting it’s face in ours, shows us about ourselves not just then but forever onward– this may be one of the most courageous things a person can do considering the state of our culture now.

There is no shortage of fitting prose on what music means and I could end this post on that note just fine. What I have to add is that the written word is limited. The more I find words for describing the thing, the further I find myself from it’s nature exactly.

Seven Sounds is an invitation to arrive to your nature in the flesh–it’s all we can say because we haven’t any remarkable words besides. Once you arrive then we may throw words after the thing together. While we cannot approximate presence with words, there are no words needed for the occasion of showing-up.

Without much ado, what does music mean to you? My heart aches with gratitude for Brain Pickings and this synopsis of great writers on music.

Sufficed to say it, I look forward to sharing this moment in music with you.



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