To all the builders, shakers, and merrymakers:

It is a lot of work to put on a festival. It is obvious that this endeavor is impossible; however, the fact remains that it is also possible, plausible, and right. What if the apparent paradox is an illusion like a mirage, and upon closer inspection, the paradox shows to be not a paradox at all but a gateway to the reality of manifesting your dreams?

The prospect of a gateway to manifesting your dreams sounds so hoaky considering the culture we abide by now that we don’t have a familiar context for perceiving this process let alone understanding it well enough to talk about it a lot or try it out even. This is the ask: Will you take a leap of faith and contribute what you know and love to realize Seven Sounds? If you think so, even a shred of so, please complete the form below.

Here’s to making Seven Sounds go!


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Thank you!